A Simple Solution for Challenging Applications

The Xioneer Industrial 3D printer is specifically designed for rapid prototyping of functional parts made from advanced thermoplastic materials. Highly automated and intuitive to use, it delivers excellent printouts for a variety of professional applications. Thanks to multiple patented technologies and direct support from the manufacturer, the Xioneer Industrial meets the highest standards of quality and reliability.

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Industrial Applications

  • Advanced materials for demanding applications
  • Hybrid parts combining multiple materials
  • Just-in-time functional prototypes
  • Reproducible high-quality prints
  • Flexibility with advanced print settings

Advanced Materials

  • Durable and wear-resistant parts from automatically pre-dried Nylon
  • Tough parts from carbon fiber reinforced Nylon
  • Impact, UV, and chemically resistant materials like PC or ASA
  • Soft and flexible materials like thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU)
  • Break-away and water-soluble support materials
  • Available in a variety of different colors
  • Additional certified materials upon request



Highest Quality Standards

Uncompromising quality „Made in Austria“

Take a look at the inside: Xioneer 3D printers are made of high-end industrial components, thoroughly assembled and tested in Austria, in order to meet the highest expectations in terms of precision, reliability, and durability. No compromises.


Plug-and-Play Material Cartridges

with in-line material dryer units

The Xioneer Industrial automatically feeds the filament from the cartridge, verifies material parameters, and informs you whether the amount of material suffices for the print job. Achieve perfect printing results with hygroscopic materials like Nylon or water-soluble support materials using the integrated material drying units.


Quickly replaceable Nozzle Units

improve your flexibility and reduce maintenance thanks to intelligent nozzle units

Our nozzle units can be switched within minutes to adapt quickly to your actual printing needs. They are currently available in the options Standard, Fine, Hard, and Bold. The system recognizes automatically whether the current nozzle unit is suitable for the inserted material as well as for the upcoming print job. The integrated usage indicator helps to monitor its usage; thus increasing reliability through preemptive maintenance.

Nozzle Standard
Special coating for consistent material flow and high reliability
Nozzle Fine
For Finest Details
Specially formed nozzle tip for printing fine details
Nozzle Bold
For Highest Speed
High material throughput for fast prints
Nozzle Hard
For Toughest Parts
Abrasive-resistant ceramic nozzle for printing fiber-reinforced materials

Reliable Dual-Material Print

Patented Twin Head Technology for supported parts or hybrid 3D-printing

Our 3D printers are equipped with two independent print heads. While one print-head is printing, the other one is parked outside the printing area. This improves the print quality, since no material from the idle print head can ooze on the printed object. This system allows to calibrate the height offset between both nozzles fully automatically, further increasing the reliability and productivity of the printing process.


Print-Chamber Calibration and Heating

Patented Topographic Scanning Technology and uniform chamber heating

Our topographic calibration system scans the entire surface of the large build platform and compensates for misalignments and unevennesses fully automatically. This guarantees best printing results at each and every point in order to utilize the entire build volume of about 25 liters (295 x 275 x 305 mm). The integrated heating and cooling of the print chamber allows printing advanced high-performance materials by minimizing warping and improving the strength of printed parts.

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