VXL GO Starter Kit

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Our Starter kit VXL GO contains everything you need to print and dissolve VXL support materials. The perfect solution for a maker like yourself.

How does it work?

What’s Inside

Dissolving VXL can be done even with household items. Inside the bundle, you will find
a 10 liter plastic container, a stirring rod with a heater, and a number of accessories.

Dissolve Your Supports
in 5 Simple Steps

Add Water and Washing Powder

Add tap water and the whole sachet of VXL solve washing powder.

Place Your Part

Place your 3d printed part with support structures inside the container using the supplied tonges.

Set Temperature

Set dissolving temperature up to 60°C depending on the model material and support material you use.

Supports Will Dissolve

Depending on the complexity of your supports it will take from a half-hour to a few hours to dissolve all support structures.

Rinse Your Part

Remove your part and rinse off any remains of the washing liquid with tap water. Congratulations, your part is ready!

Technical Specifications

Container Dimensions 380 x 240 x 210 mm
Tank Capacity10 liters
Weight without fluid: 2 kg
with fluid: approx. 12 kg
Adjustable Temperature Range 25 °C – 60 °C
Temperature Adjustment in 0.1 °C
Heating Time (10L, 20°C – 60 °C) Approx. 25 minutes
Recommended Model Materials Verify temperature settings with a temperature resistance of your model materials No restrictions
Recommended Support Materials VXL 70, VXL 90
Maximum Power Consumption The peak power consumption of the VXL GO during heating up.850 W
Power SupplyAC 230V/50Hz EU-Plug
Dissolving TechniqueContinous fluid agitation and heat
Maintenance IntervalAfter draining solution, on demand
CE – ConformityEU
Warranty6 months

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