Vortex EZ Dyeing Station for SLS, SLA, FDM, MJF and SAF

Affordable Device
to Dye Your 3D Prints

Vortex EZ is our easy-to-use affordable desktop
dyeing station. It will easily fit in your office,
workshop, lab, school, and production floor.

How does it work?

Easy to Use,
Powerful in Action

Large 450 x 260 x 205 mm basket and a powerful heater for large 3D printed parts and safe,
plug-and-play operation

Dye Your 3D Prints
in 5 Simple Steps

Add Water and Dye

Add tap water and a few spoons of the safe and non toxic dye.

Place Your Part

Place your 3D printed part inside the basket. Check Tech Specs for Part Sizes

Set Temperature

Set dyeing temperature up to 85 °C depending
on the model material you use.

The Part
Soaks Up The Color

It will take from a few minutes to a few hours to dye your part – depending on the desired color intensity.

Rinse Your Part

Remove your part and rinse any remains of the dyeing solution with tap water. Congratulations, your part is ready!


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Technical Specifications

Outside Dimensions (LxWxH)640 x 370 x 450 mm
Basket Dimension / Maximum Part Size (LxWxH)450 x 260 x 205 mm
Tank Solvent Capacity11 – 38 Liter
Net Weight Without Solvent22 kg
Adjustable Temperature Range 30 °C – 85 °C
Heat-up Time (38L, 20°C – 70 °C) Approx. 2.5 hours
Recommended Model Materials Verify temperature settings with a temperature resistance of your model material PA, PU, TPE, Acrylic, Polyester, ABS, PP, PC, …
Recommended Dyes Nakoma Products Rit ProLine
Peak Power Consumption The peak power consumption of the Vortex EZ during heating up.1220 W (110V/60Hz)
1360 W (230V/50Hz)
Average Power Consumption at 85 °CAverage power consumption with a full tank to maintain the set temperature once heated up.
Approx. 250 W
Power SupplyAC 230V/50Hz EU Version, AC 110V/60Hz US Version
Dyeing TechniqueContinuous fluid agitation and heat
Maintenance IntervalOn demand
CE – ConformityEU
Warranty12 months excluding accessories and consumables

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Vortex EZ
Dyeing Station

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