Vortex EZ Dyeing Station


Xioneer Vortex EZ Dyeing Station

• Dyeing of 3D printed parts
• Tank capacity 38 L
• Powerful 1360W heater
• 1 hour heat-up time
• 450 x 260 x 205 mm basket dimensions

*WEEE Reg.no.: DE59451408

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Xioneer Vortex EZ Dyeing Station: Bigger, More Flexible, and Unparalleled Power

We understand your passion for 3D printing and the freedom it offers to unleash your creativity. That’s why we’ve created the Vortex EZ Dyeing Station to meet your needs and unlock even more possibilities.

Key Features:

  • The Bigger, the Better: With a spacious basket measuring 450 x 260 x 205 mm, the Vortex EZ provides ample room to dye multiple parts simultaneously. This basket is larger than the build volume of most common 3D printers, saving you significant time.

  • Ultimate Flexibility: The Xioneer Vortex EZ is a desktop dyeing station suitable for SLS, SLA, FDM, MJF, or SAF 3D-printed parts and can be used in diverse working environments. Whether in your office, workshop, laboratory, school, or production facility, the Vortex EZ seamlessly fits into your surroundings.

  • Robust Design: The dyeing station’s tank is crafted from high-quality double-walled stainless steel with a matte finish. Additional heat insulation ensures maximum efficiency and durability.

  • The Why: Our Vortex EZ impresses with a powerful yet quiet magnetic propeller that ensures intense mixing. You can dye your 3D-printed parts in record time. A temperature controller at the bottom of the container regulates the dyeing temperature using a powerful 1360W heater, reaching temperatures of up to 85°C.

Why Vortex EZ?

  • Durable and Safe: The double-walled stainless steel tank with heat insulation ensures maximum safety and durability.

  • Powerful, Yet Quiet: With a 1360W heater and a strong magnetic propeller, the Vortex EZ combines impressive performance with quiet operation.

  • Easy to Use: The integrated stainless steel basket makes handling a breeze, enabling smooth dyeing of your parts.

With the Xioneer Vortex EZ Dyeing Station, 3D printing becomes a creative playground. Expand your possibilities by dyeing multiple parts simultaneously and experience the unbeatable combination of size, flexibility, and performance.

• Dyeing of 3D printed parts
• Tank capacity 38 L
• Powerful 1360W heater
• 1 hour heat-up time
• 450 x 260 x 205 mm basket dimensions

Permitted pH-value range: pH 3 – pH 11,5. Only use with Nakoma RitDye. Only use with citric or acetic acid.

Always ensure the water level to be above the \\\"MIN\\\"-mark.

Outside Dimensions (WxHxD)

640 x 450 x 370 mm

Basket Dimension / Maximum Part Size (WxHxD)

450 x 260 x 205 mm

Tank Solvent Capacity

11 – 38 L

Net Weight Without Solvent

22 kg

Adjustable Temperature Range

30 °C – 85 °C

Heat-up Time (38 L, 20 °C – 70 °C)

Approx. 1 hour

Peak Power Consumption

1.220 W US, 1.360 W EU

Power Supply

AC 110 V/60 Hz US-Plug, AC 230 V/50 Hz EU-Plug

Dyeing Technique

Continuous fluid agitation and heat

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