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Xioneer VXL EX Dissolving Powder Sachet – Removal Agent for FDM / FFF 3D Printing Support Materials – Environment-friendly – Non-Caustic Detergent – pH < 11.5

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Water-soluble support materials tend to degrade quickly inside the nozzle, leaving a clogged print head. They rapidly absorb humidity from the surrounding air. Also, water-soluble supports are incompatible with a wide range of materials. Thus, making the alkaline soluble Xioneer VXL an ultimate choice rather than conventional PVA, BVOH or PVOH. We have developed the Xioneer VXL EX specifically to dissolve our alkaline soluble support materials quickly and easily to keep the entire process as comfortable as possible.


Xioneer VXL EX is comparable to typical household chemicals such as washing powder. When dissolved in water, it has a pH of around 11.5 and is marked as irritant. And just like your daily washing powder the VXL EX should also be handled with care. Therefore, we advise our customers to always wear gloves and safety goggles when working with the VXL EX.


Basically, an ideal dissolving result is achieved if you add at least as much VXL EX to the solution as there is support material to be dissolved. In addition, the concentration of VXL EX in the dissolving bath should not be below 2.5 %. As long as the amount of dissolved and still to be dissolved support material does not exceed the amount of added VXL EX, it is also possible to reuse the dissolving bath. It should be noted that after saturation the dissolving time will increase noticeably. In this case it is advisable to prepare a fresh solution. If the solution is saturated, it is recommended to add 5-10 g citric acid per litre for neutralisation. As soon as foaming starts, a neutral pH value is reached.


VXL EX is non-caustic and safe to use. Mixed with water, it produces a mildly alkaline solution for dissolving the supports 3D printed with the VXL filament. Normally, the saturated solution can be disposed of in household drain. Please check the requirements with your local sewage treatment plant beforehand. Before disposal, the solution can be neutralised with citric acid.

VXL EX powder is a safe and non-caustic washing powder specifically developed to dissolve Xioneer VXL support materials. With the addition of VXL EX in water, pH can reach a value of about 11.5 .


180 g, 1000 g

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