VXL EX is able to dissolve up to its own weight of VXL support material. We recommend keeping notes on how much support material has been dissolved inside the Vortex EZ. We also understand that sometimes it is hard to keep track of the exact amount of dissolved support material inside the Vortex EZ. When you experience a major drop of dissolving speed in your Vortex EZ, first check the correct temperature. If the temperature is correct and the dissolving time is still slow it is time to change the fluid.
If necessary in your community, first, put a spoon full of the neutralizing agent into the Vortex EZ. A bit of foam will build on top of the fluid – that’s a sign that the fluid is ready to be drained. You can use a hose to connect to the drain port and drain the fluid directly into your sink.
If you don’t have a sink nearby, you can use one of these handy grey-water tanks.

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