Meet our Team

We combine 3D printing hardware development with material science
to create new things for the world of FFF technology.


Thomas Demmer

CEO, Belland Technology AG

Chief of chiefs and the herald of business. Has his eyes on the horizon and ears open to customers. Competitive athlete and a relaxed family father.

Dr. Frank Osan

CTO, Belland Technology AG

With over 30 years in the chemical industry, Frank knows polymers from A to Z: from designing materials for specific applications to developing and running impressive chemical plants.

Dr. Andrei Neboian

CEO, Xioneer Systems GmbH

Engineer, economist, and parent. Founder of Xioneer Systems and a passionate techie. Recovering workaholic thanks to his wife and two boys.

The Xioneers

Dr. Fushun Yang

Head of R&D Consumables

Chemical chef de cuisine and lab virtuoso. Loves to cook new recipes for support materials. Key player in VXL polymer development.

Christoph Strasser

Head of 3D Printing Unit

Material scientist and the sorcerer of 3D printing. Makes sure you can use VXL on any household or industrial 3D printer. If he doesn’t see the light, he just prints one.

Jan Bochnig

Head of Production

Full-hearted techie and production hero. Around him, everything is less messy. As fast with building new products as he is on his racing bike.

Dr. Stefan Gottfried

Manager Quality / R&D

Experimental chemist and project magician. If you don’t know what a DSC is you should ask him. Notorious for attending his meetings from a golf course.

Markus Weise


Dissolving specialist and material alchemist. Enhances material recipes for 3D printing. Do not be surprised to find him in his office in a medieval wizard outfit.

Patrick Gebhardt

Development Engineer

Material tester and quality guru. No product gets shipped without his approval. Plays his guitar to the sound of 3D printers.

This material is amazing!

John Doe


This material is amazing!

John Doe


This material is amazing!

John Doe


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Our team is located in Vienna/Austria аnd Bayreuth/Germany

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