Xioneer Systems acquired by BellandTechnology (VXL)

The acquisition took place by means of a 100% share deal at the end of December.

Vienna/Austria and Bayreuth/Germany, January 29, 2020

BellandTechnology AG (Bayreuth / Germany), also known under the Brand VXL has acquired the industrial 3D printer manufacturer Xioneer Systems GmbH (Vienna / Austria). Together with Xioneer Systems, the consumables manufacturer, BellandTechnology is planning to expand its global presence on the markets for 3D printing and additive manufacturing. The acquisition took place by means of a 100% share deal at the end of December.

Founded in 2013, Xioneer Systems has developed, produced and sold innovative FFF (Fused Filament Fabrication) 3D printers for professionals. After launching its automated Xioneer Desktop 3D printer, the company was distinguished by the 2016 FormNext Start-up Challenge Award for its pioneering innovations in 3D printing. In 2018, Xioneer Systems has entered the market for industrial applications by introducing its advanced 3D printer model Xioneer Industrial, allowing the company to serve customers in such fields as engineering, automotive, and aerospace (www.xioneer.com).

By merging our companies, we combine the 3D printing know-how of Xioneer with the materials know-how of BellandTechnology. And this places us in a unique competitive position: a position to tackle 3D printing challenges in a new way, to deliver new solutions. All that with one goal in mind: to promote the FFF technology in both the consumer and the industrial additive manufacturing markets. To achieve this, we decided to focus on the entire FFF industry and change our product course accordingly. Therefore, we will expand our service portfolio and we plan to offer innovative add-on systems, components, and accessories for any FFF 3D printer on the market.explains Dr Andrei Neboian, founder and CEO of Xioneer.

BellandTechnology AG is a speciality chemicals company which develops, manufactures, and markets high-performance thermoplastics. Polymers manufactured by BellandTechnology hold a unique feature: they have a controlled solubility in water or aqueous alkali solutions. This feature became crucial for new and innovative production processes in many industries such as medical engineering, electronic industry, and mechanical engineering. So, a variety of products are produced from these polymers including solids, adhesives, foams, films, fibres, and semi-finished products. Materials by BellandTechnology have also found their way into 3D printing.

In 3D printing, BellandTechnology is the world’s leading manufacturer of thermoplastic soluble support materials. These materials are used to print complex geometries and intricate parts on FFF 3D printers. Compared to other soluble support materials on the market, materials by BellandTechnology have much higher thermal stability. This quality makes their polymers an excellent choice for any FFF 3d printer.

BellandTechnology serves its customers both as OEM supplier and as private or white label manufacturer. The company has established itself under the brand VXL (www.vxlglobal.com).

Thomas Demmer, the CEO of BellandTechnology AG, commented on his acquisition of Xioneer: “We are excited about the future with Xioneer on board. In the coming years, we will serve the FFF 3D printer market with software solutions, hardware components, and innovative concepts for 3D printing consumables – all perfectly matched together. These products will be cost-efficient, professional, and user-friendly. As a 3D printing materials company, we are open to working with all 3D printer manufacturers. And we believe that this openness, together with the willingness to deliver great products to manufacturers and end-users, will help us push the FFF market forward.


Xioneer Systems GmbH:

Contact Info:        Dr Andrei Neboian (CEO)

Email:                    office@xioneer.com

Telephone:         +43-1-353-3399-10

Address:              Hirschstettner Str. 19, 1220 Vienna/Austria


BellandTechnology AG:

Contact Info:      Thomas Demmer (CEO)

Email:                    info@bellandtechnology.de

Telephone:         +49-9243-70148-14

Address:              Kühlenfelser Str. 47, 91278 Pottenstein/Germany