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Thanks to innovative technologies and highest quality standards “Made in Austria”, the Xioneer Desktop maximizes your success rate and minimizes waste. Our patented printing technology in combination with our special break-away support material provides best-in-class print quality, especially when printing complex models. The fully utilizable build volume of 27 liters allows you to print large objects without compromises in quality.

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Applications and Materials

The Xioneer Desktop accelerates your product development cycles. It is optimized for dual-material printing: Our model material ModelPlus allows easy printing and post-processing, e.g. by sanding or coloring. Our “GeckoPeel” support material allows you to print models with complex shapes directly in your office. Support structures are removed easily and leave smooth and clean surfaces on the model, rendering it for immediate use.



Twin-Head-Technology for support structures

The Xioneer Desktop uses two independent print heads and easily removable support material to ensure high-quality prints. It automatically recognizes the installed nozzle unit and sets the optimal printing parameters for the upcoming print job. The integrated usage indicator allows you to replace the nozzle unit in time before wear-related problems can even occur. The automatic calibration of both nozzles improves the reliability and reduces the time and costs of the print process.


Fully Automated Calibration System

A proper calibration of the build platform is essential for successful printing. Our topographic calibration system scans the entire surface of the build platform and compensates for misalignments and unevennesses fully automatically, making it one of the most precise and reliable calibration systems available. Your prints will always have a flawless first layer.


Large Build Volume

Large build volume of the Xioneer Desktop (295 x 295 x 305 mm) allows you to print objects up to the size of a bicycle helmet. Thanks to our patented fully automatic calibration system in combination with precise mechanical and electronic systems, you will get perfect print results at every point of the printing area, translating into greater reliability and unique 100% print surface utilization.


Plug-and-Play Material

Smart material management allows you to switch cartridges quickly. Swapping materials takes only a few minutes and is carried out fully automatically. All material information is stored on the cartridge and is scaned by the printer once the cartridge is inserted. The Xioneer Desktop reads and updates the current fill level of the cartridge automatically and provides best recommendations for printing parameters for the upcoming print job.


Print & Go

Thanks to its high degree of automation, the Xioneer Desktop is set up for use after just a few minutes - we call this technology Print & Go. The intuitive touch screen and WiFi-connectivity help to make it ready in no time. This allows you to concentrate on your work by minimizing human error.

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