Model materials


Universal modelling material
ModelPlus is an industrial grade material based on a modified composition of the popular 3D-printing material PLA. It features good mechanical properties combined with matt surfaces like ABS. Printed parts from ModelPlus are suitable for a variety of applications, from visual models up to functional parts with moderate mechanical requirements. Tempering at 110 ˚C increases stiffness and temperature resistance.


Durable and chemically resistant print material
PET-G is an excellent all-round material with outstanding durability, flexibility, as well as chemical and impact resistance. It is ideal for mechanical parts, protective components and other objects exposed to sudden or sustained mechanical stress. Because of its translucence, PET-G is often used for bottles and other types of containers.


Tough and flexible print material
PA-6X is the perfect choice for functional and technical parts. The high-performance plastic possesses high tensile strength, elasticity, as well as wear and chemical resistance. It is commonly used to make all sorts of products like gears, connectors, or integral (living) hinges.


Stiff and strong
PA-CF is a carbon fiber reinforced nylon-based print material. Its exceptional strength and stiffness, low weight, and resistance to chemicals and high temperatures (up to 120˚C) make it the perfect choice for highly demanding applications, e.g. in tooling, production or aviation.


Rigid and durable
PC-X is a polycarbonate-based material intended for tough environments and engineering applications. It combines excellent printing quality with great strength and high UV and heat resistance (up to 130°C). PC-X is often used for compact parts that require extra tough and stable engineering grade material (e.g. switches and levers).


Elastic and temperature resistant
TPU is known for its elasticity and exceptionally high heat resistance and is often used for automotive parts, medical devices, and household tools. It can be stretched and flexed easily and shows great impact resistance. The degree of elasticity of the final part can be influenced by the material settings in the software toolchain of the Xioneer Industrial.


Cheap and versatile
Used with industrial 3D printers worldwide, ABS is known for its good mechanical properties. The robust and impact-resistant material features high print quality even with tiny details and is perfect for small parts. ABS is the ideal material for prototypes before switching to other costly materials.


High UV / Weather resistant
ASA features great strength and duration, combined with high temperature, and UV resistance. It is a good choice for many technical and decorative applications, especially with high demands regarding weather-resistance.

Support materials


water-soluble support material
PVOH is a water-soluble support material with great bonding to styrene-based model materials. It is based on modified PVA to prevent oozing and clogging the nozzle and to produce reliable 3D-prints. Unlike breakaway support materials, PVOH can be dissolved in water, allowing printing of complex parts with partially enclosed cavities.


Unique breakaway support material
GeckoPeel is slightly flexible and enables you to remove support structures fast, safely and without leaving marks or residues on the printed part.